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Cats and Quarantine! Social Distancing Experts From Day One.

Quarantine and your cat! Cats are not as easily entertained as dogs, but they still need enrichment, exercise, and love. Here are three ways to engage with your cat as well as entertain yourself.

1. Build them a fort! Cats love boxes. Take your empty Amazon boxes and create a magical kingdom to play in. Putting holes in different areas will allow them easy ways in and out. This could easily become hours of fun for your furry feline.

2. Get them a feather toy! Especially for younger cats this is a toy that they genuinely enjoy the feathers. There are many different brands but Dabird makes several different kinds ( make sure if you get one with a string on it that your cat does not play with it unattended.

3. Give them something to look at. Cats love staring out windows and you can give them a special place by setting up a spot in front of a big window. This can give them hours of enjoyment allowing them to stare out into the world (or sometimes just a fence). Please make sure that if the window is open, that the screen is latched so your cat cannot fall out.

Spend time petting and grooming your cat. You may discover something that needs further investigation. Many pet owners tell us that they found a lump or bump while petting or brushing their cat.

If you believe your cat may have something we should look at don't wait to give us a call and set up an appointment. Wellness care during social distancing and quarantine should not fall to the wayside.

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