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5 Pro Tips for Litter Box Training Your Kitten

Did you just get a kitten? Kittens are little balls of energy and can bring your household so much joy. Thankfully, they do not require as much training as a puppy and according to the ASPCA Pet Statistics report, that is probably why there is an estimated 85.8 million cats versus 78 million dogs owned in the US.

Kittens Can Be Litter Box Trained in 5 Easy Steps

1. First, pick out a litter box that the kitten likes. There are so many different kinds, covered, uncovered, large, small, even automatic self-cleaning kinds it’s hard to know which one to choose. Fresh Step the cat little company shared an interesting take on deciding what type of little box to choose. You can read that article here. There is no perfect box though, the kitten will choose which one he or she likes the most.

2. Put the litter box or boxes in an easy place for the kitten to access and make sure they know where it is. When they are really little you might need to set them in the box and encourage them to use it. You might even need to put their paw in the litter and simulate scratching. Most kittens enjoy scratching at dirt, so it is natural for them to scratch at the litter and start using it.

3. Have more than 1 box. Your kitten may have a “special” place where you keep him or her in the beginning, like a bathroom or extra bedroom. You should keep a litter box in that area so they can use it any time they are in “their” room. You should also have at least one other box in a different part of the house. Especially as your kitten explores their surroundings, they will feel more comfortable if they have access to another box.

4. Choose the right litter for your cat. There are so many kinds to choose from, so it can be hard to know which one is best. Does your kitten like clay litter? Do they like wheat litter? Sometimes you might have to try a few options to find out which litter they like the best and also which one is easier for them to use. shared a pretty detailed breakdown of 9 different types of cat litter available on the market.

5. Keep the litterbox clean.Cleaning the litter box daily ensures that your kitten has a clean place to go to.Many cats will not use the box if it is dirty and how dirty a box is can be different for each individual cat. Some cats will not use the box more than one time if it has not been cleaned, while another cat is not as picky.But it is important you keep the box as clean as possible.Think about this, if you go to use the restroom and the toilet has not been flushed, what do you do? Most of us will either flush or move to another toilet.Unfortunately, your kitten does not have this option, and many times go somewhere else in your home that they find cleaner.

Litterbox training can be easy, and most kittens will learn how to use the box fast. It is important to remember that the habits they develop when they are small, can stay with them for years so developing good litterbox habits from the beginning is important.

If you have a new kitten in the household, Congratulations! We would love to meet them and get them started on their new kitten vaccines. Give us a call to schedule your new family member’s appointment with us. 818-846-8600

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