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by Rasha H. on 2018-08-09
Always received the best attention when I come here, the Dr is superb when it
comes to understanding the needs of my kitties. 



by Anon on 2018-08-03
Great knowledge from the doctor and staff was lovely.



by Nancy B. on 2018-06-24
Dr. Basilious was through, kind, and knowledgeable.


Neva Masquerade Cat

by JJ (Jared) C. on 2016-06-26
We have been bringing our cats to Dr. Sam here at Bastet for several years now, and he is excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and he will often show us a model or draw a diagram to really explain to us what our cat's health issue is. I love that he specializes in cats and is able to tell us about new medicines & technologies as they become available. Our cat who comes to see Dr. Sam the most frequently has both kidney disease and hyperthyroidism, and treating the two conditions requires a lot of balance. Dr. Sam has helped to extend the life of our cat for several years already, and I have recommended him to many friends.


Cute Cat

by Geraldine C. on 2016-06-05
Doctor & Bertha provided their usual excellent care.



by Anon on 2018-04-15
Very positive experience. Very pleased with the doctor, including his knowledge and approach toward Cali. As a first time visit to the vet for our kitten I was concerned that it might cause her stress. Instead, she seemed to enjoy the entire experience and leave happy and stress-free.



by Jan S. on 2016-07-11
Max always receives the best care under Dr Basilious. The staff is kind and helpful.



by by Melissa A. on 2016-07-27
The entire staff and Doctor were very sweet! gave

me the information I needed and kept me from

worrying too much about my kitty, especially

since it was a last minute visit to their office.



by Carla S. on 2016-03-17
An excellent place to take your cat. A knowledgeable, caring doctor and a courteous



by Arielle H. on 2015-10-27
Bastet always provides expert feline care and support. Dr. B has saved the lives of two of my cats who were given 6 months to live. They both lived over 6 years after diagnosis of renal failure with Dr. B's care! I am beyond grateful.



by Lisa L. on 2015-09-10
We love the doctor and his staff, everyone takes so much time with us and our cat. I wish doctors for humans were like this.


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